A Community Representative is a tenant of Charnwood Borough Council who lives in a village location or area, where there are insufficient tenants to form a resident group.

What does a Community Representative do? 

You will be consulted about any potential changes to the housing service that may affect you and your community.

You will be a point of contact for Charnwood Borough Council in your area. Sometimes interesting things happen in communities which we are unaware of, and we may rely on our Community Representatives to put us in the picture.

Who can apply to be a representative? 

Any tenant of Charnwood Borough Council where there is no resident group can be a Community Representative. You will need an interest in helping to improve the housing service, and a desire to be consulted about matters which affect you and your community before changes are made.

After becoming a Community Representative we will write to all the Charnwood Borough Council households in your area or village informing them that you have volunteered to become their representative and include your contact details. 

Information on how to apply to be a Community Representative?

To apply, please contact the Customer Engagement team on 01509 634955 or 01509 634679. Alternatively, you can email involvement@charnwood.gov.uk.

Last updated: Tue 11th October, 2022 @ 16:36