Details on the EEM Community Donation Fund can be found below.

What is the EEM Community Donation Fund?

EEM is a national procurement framework organisation. When procuring various contracts Landlord Services can use framework organisations as an alternative to open tenders. As part of the social value aspect of using the framework EEM donates a share of its profits to organisations using their framework.

The funds are donated around September each year, as it is based on EEM’s profits the amount received can differ each year. EEM donates the funds to support community projects which would not normally be funded through Landlord Services’ own budgets.

As the amount donated cannot be guaranteed grants cannot be given for continuing running costs for a project or community group. There are no limits, however, to the number of times groups can apply for grants. The funding must support a group or project that will improve the communities where they live and the project should not benefit just one individual.  

Decisions on which projects will be funded are decided by ballot through the Charnwood Housing Residents’ Forum (CHRF). A record will be kept each year to ensure that monies are distributed fairly across groups and projects throughout the borough.

Our staff will provide advice, information to the CHRF in assessing and approving the applications and we will also identify projects and will actively seek nominations where projects will radically improve communities.

To qualify a bid has to be:

  • Something that will benefit a community and not an individual
  • Something that will have long term benefits for a community
  • Something that has the support of the majority of the community. Bidders must evidence this support and consultations with the community as part of their application
  • Something that has no ongoing costs for Charnwood Borough Council
  • Something Charnwood Borough Council Landlord Services would not normally fund
  • Fully financed: where a project is anticipated to cost more than the grant, evidence will be required to demonstrate from where the rest of funding will be raised.

In accepting the grant bidders must consent to their project being promoted by both Charnwood Borough Council and EEM.

The project:

  • can be environmental to open spaces or to improve existing areas;
  • can help prevent or reduce anti-social behaviour
  • can be for activities or projects which promote health and well-being
  • should enhance the quality of life for the community
  • can be a refurbishment of an existing community facility
  • cannot be for projects which would normally be funded out of alternative budgets e.g. planned maintenance, grounds maintenance

Where the funding bids exceed the amount of budget available in any financial year, any projects/groups where grants were awarded in the previous year will not be considered in the current year.


Consultation is a very important part of the process, the consultation ensures that the proposals submitted have support and that they are not just the wish of a few people in an area.

The customer engagement team will look at evidence that sufficient consultation has been carried out for each project. Projects that do not have majority support (at least 51%) from those affected by it will not meet the criteria.

Who can apply?

Community organisations, residents’ groups or community interest groups can apply.

Each year CBC will actively seek nominations for the bids from community groups, council departments and other agencies working with communities and suggestions from local councillors.

The grant will be promoted through the Council’s social media and Your Homes Matter tenant magazine.

Complete and return the application below:

You can post to:

Customer Engagement Team
Council Offices
Southfield Road
LE11 2TX    

Or alternatively complete the online form:

EEM Community Fund application form

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Engagement team on 01509 634955 or 01509 634679.

Alternatively, you can email

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