The Finance Team manages all our finances and is responsible for:

  • Accountancy, budgets, financial reporting, treasury management and financial strategies
  • Paying suppliers
  • Invoicing customers for all items except council house rents, Council Tax and Business Rates
  • Payroll for employees and Councillors
  • Procurement

Our 2024-25 budget

Below are the documents relating to our 2024-25 budget.

This document outlines the budget for 2024-25:

This document explains how the budget relates to council tax and also contains updated budget figures:

Our budgets

This is our detailed budget book as approved by council for the relevant year:

Our financial strategy

The Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) reflects our financial position based on the current Corporate Plan and service delivery aspirations in the medium term.

The MTFS provides a high level assessment of the financial resources required to deliver our corporate objectives and considers how these resources can be provided within the financial context and constraints we are likely to face over the next three years.

You can view the MTFS for the next three years below:

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