Textile processing operations on Earls Way, Thurmaston have been the source of local community complaints for some time now.

These operations are beyond the scope of any environmental permitting (essentially a licence to operate) requirements and as such, available environmental controls are limited to Charnwood Borough Council enforced, statutory nuisance provisions.

Whilst it would not be possible to eliminate all odours from these operations, our Environmental Protection Team is working to ensure that all reasonable process control measures are in place to minimise community impacts.

Nuisance odour associated with the textile finishing activities in Thurmaston can be reported by either:

We also carry out proactive community assessments and regularly visit the source site to ensure that reasonable process controls are in place.

Our current statutory nuisance enforcement position is that whilst textile processing operations are the cause of sporadic odour events in the locality, we are unable to assert the existence of significant and persistent odour nuisance that would prompt any formal proceedings under available statutory nuisance provisions.

This matter remains under our continuous review and to help us in this regard, we do encourage residents to telephone in weekday nuisance events as they arise to enable first hand nuisance assessments to be undertaken.

Details of our recent odour nuisance assessment visits carried out in the locality are available to view via the link below:

Please note: This document is periodically updated, so please bear with us in the event of a slight lag behind the current situation.

Last updated: Mon 22nd May, 2023 @ 10:16