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Industrial air pollution control

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We are continuously using our powers to try to combat and prevent pollution arising from commercial and industrial sites.

For further information on our powers and those of other organisations, see the government website.

If you have any concerns about emissions from a site in Charnwood, contact us on:

For more information on industrial air pollution control:

Integrated pollution control and local authority pollution control

Officers from the Environmental Protection team regularly inspect permitted sites to minimise air pollution and respond to any complaints that may have been due to failures to comply with the permit conditions.

Operators have to pay an application fee and an annual charge to maintain their authorisation so this regime is largely self-financing.

The following application forms can be printed for completion:

 The public register

All permitted industrial sites are listed on a public register. This register contains copies of the permits as well as other information such as any pollution monitoring results that the companies have had to carry out.

The following is the latest list of IPPC Permits issued under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.

The following documents are permits currently found on our public register for the Part B prescribed processes (mentioned in the document above) in Charnwood. The documents are grouped under the different process categories.

You can also view a hard copy of this register for free at our Southfields Offices. Please telephone 01509 634636 in advance with the names of the permits you wish to view so that they can be available on arrival.

Crematorium - (PG5/2)

Quarry Process - (PG3/8)

Copper Process - (PG2/8)

Blending of Bulk Cement - (PG3/1) 

Plaster Process - (PG3/12)

Rubber Process - (PG6/8)

Re-Spraying of Road Vehicles - (PG6/34)

Paper Coating Process (PG6/18)

Coating and Re-Coating of Rail Vehicles

Coating of Metal/Plastic - (PG6/23)

Rubber Conversion Process (PG6/28)

Powder Coating Process (PG6/31)

Road Stone Coating Plant

Mobile Crushing Plant (PG3/16)

Wood Coating - (PG6/33)

Unloading of Petrol - (PG1/14)

Surface Cleaning of Metals (PG6/45)

Dry Cleaning Processes (PG6/46)

Pharmaceutical Formulation & Finishing Process (PG6/43)

Surface Cleaning of Metals (SG6)

Manufacture of Ceramic Products by Firing in Kilns (SG7)

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