Planning application fees from December 6, 2023

Exactly what you need to submit with your application will vary depending on the type of application you are submitting, but as a basic guide we will always require:

  • a completed and signed application form, with the appropriate Ownership Certificate also signed, and the correct fee (please note the Government are considering an increase to all planning fees, therefore these prices are subject to change)
  • a location plan (usually an Ordnance Survey plan) to an identified scale (1:1250 or 1:2500 are preferable). The application site needs to be edged in red and any other land in the vicinity that is owned by the applicant must be edged in blue.
  • a Site or 'block' plan to an identified scale (1:100; 1:200 or 1:500), showing the direction of north, plus any other drawings or necessary information clearly showing exactly what it is you want to do.

The Planning Portal offers links to several accredited suppliers who you can buy planning maps from (including ReQuestaPlan, their new digital mapping tool).

All plans (except the location plan) need to:

  • show critical dimensions (height, width, length, distance to site boundaries) in metric and have a scale bar marked on them.
  • indicate the paper size of the original plan (to ensure it is printed at the correct scale).
  • allow for scaling - any plans marked "Do not scale" will not be accepted.

We have some examples of existing plans and of proposed plans to help illustrate this:

Supporting documents

We receive a lot of planning applications which do not have the correct supporting documents (such as Design & Access statements; Flood Risk Assessments; etc) where required, or where there are errors on the supporting documents.

We cannot consider these applications until all the documents are correctly completed and received, which of course delays the process.

The Planning Application Requirements booklet and Planning Portal what to submit provides further information on the documents, assessments and reports which may be required.

The validation requirements document below provides guidance to applicants, developers, and planning agents on the information required to be submitted with planning applications in order for applications to be considered valid, and subsequently processed by the Local Planning Authority:

We recommend that you submit your application online using the Planning Portal as it offers guidance at every stage and a check will be carried out before submission to ensure that you have included everything required.

Last updated: Tue 12th December, 2023 @ 08:23