We actively encourage wide public involvement in the planning process, as we believe people may be able to better explain their views if they are not limited to making comments in writing.

Only about five per cent of planning applications will be determined by Plans Committee. For those applications that are considered at Plans Committee, public speaking allows those involved in the planning process a chance to have their say.

One person will normally be allowed to speak for the proposal (normally the applicant or agent) and one against, both for a maximum of three minutes each. If there is more than one person, the three minutes are shared. Ward Councillors and a representative from the Parish or Town Council or Parish Meeting also have a right to speak.

For more information on speaking at Committee, including speakers’ rights, who can speak at Plans Committee and the procedures followed, take a look at the following PDF document or contact Development Management on the details provided.

How do I inform the council of my wish to speak?

Anyone wishing to speak at Plans Committee must clearly request this in writing, either during the 21 day consultation period for the application or no later than 7 working days before the date of the Committee meeting, whichever is the later.

Nearer to the meeting date we will email you to check if you still wish to speak, and you will need to confirm your intention by contacting the Development Management Team at least two working days before the Committee meeting is due to start. You will then be issued with a Speaker's Reference Number to present on arrival.

Where there is more than one objector who has requested to speak you will usually need to decide and confirm who will act as spokesperson on your behalf.

If there has been no confirmation, or confirmation has not been received in time, the speaking opportunity will normally be denied, other than in exceptional circumstances.

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