If you are looking to move to a smaller home, you might be entitled to a payment through our Assisted Transfer Scheme.

Following the introduction of the Government's spare room subsidy (also known as the 'bedroom tax') some tenants may be considering downsizing to a smaller property.

Benefits of downsizing: 

  • Receive a one-off payment of up to £2,000
  • Save on paying the spare room subsidy
  • Reduce your heating and electricity bills
  • Less maintenance to look after a smaller property
  • A larger family is placed in a more suitable home

How does the scheme work?

Changes to Housing Benefit rules mean you are underoccupying your home if you are considered to have one or more spare bedrooms - hence you will receive less Housing Benefit and will need to make up the shortfall in rent yourself. 

If you are underoccupying family accommodation with two or more bedrooms and wish to transfer to a smaller property, you may be eligible for an Assisted Transfer payment. 

You will need to apply for a transfer and we will:

  • Arrange an inspection of your current property - a recharge is usually made to remove items and furniture, repair damage, etc
  • Check your rent account for outstanding debts
  • Arrange for the payment to be made after you have moved into your new, smaller home - rent arrears and recharges will be deducted from the payment  

How much would I be eligible for?

  • Tenants of a three, four or five bedroom property moving into a one bedroom property:  £2,000
  • Tenants of a two bedroom property moving into a one bedroom property:  £1,600
  • Tenants of a three bedroom property moving into a two bedroom property:  £1,600

Are there any exclusions?

The payment scheme does not apply if:

  • You move through a mutual exchange
  • You move from accommodation which is designated for elderly people only

If you are affected by underoccupancy, would like to reduce your fuel bills or no longer want to look after a large house, please call 01509 634 666. We will arrange for an officer to contact you to talk about your options.

Apply for a transfer

To apply for a transfer, use the webpage below:

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