A study of Housing in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in Charnwood has been undertaken by Loughborough University. 

This study has improved the process for identifying Houses in Multiple Occupation in the Borough and provides an analysis of the geographic distribution of different types of Houses in Multiple Occupation in Charnwood. 

This assessment will be used to inform the preparation of the new Local Plan to 2037 and is available to view below: 

Houses in Multiple Occupation Assessment 2019

We commissioned a study to understand and assess the impact of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) on local communities in Charnwood. The Study has also reviewed the effectiveness of Core Strategy Policy CS4 ‘Houses in Multiple Occupation’ and Housing Supplementary Planning Document Policy HSPD 11 ‘Concentrations of Houses in Multiple Occupation’ in managing the proportion of HMOs.

The recommendations from the Assessment are:

  • Reduce the HMO threshold from 20% to 10%
  • Keep the 100m radius but consider expanding it to a minimum number of properties where natural or built features e.g. roads/rivers significantly impact the number of properties included
  • Consider the issue of population density - a practical solution to this would be to take account of the number of large HMOs in the radius
  • The threshold should remain as one factor considered in determining applications
  • Sandwiching of properties between two HMOs should be avoided
  • Continue to apply the threshold only to Loughborough as the evidence identifies that most wards outside of Loughborough have only small proportions of HMOs
  • Purpose Built Student Accommodation should be defined as “predominantly larger-scale residential accommodation specifically for occupation by students. This may include new build development or the conversion of existing premises (e.g. large office blocks). It includes accommodation developed by Universities and also by the private sector”; and
  • Extensions to HMOs should be included in the policy with a clear policy approach.

The Charnwood Houses in Multiple Occupation Assessment is available to view below:

*Updated - page 46, paragraph 3.3 updated 2nd August 2019

The Assessment forms part of the Local Plan evidence and will inform the Local Plan Policy on Houses in Multiple Occupation which is due to be consulted on later this year.

For further information, please contact localplans@charnwood.gov.uk or 01509 634929.

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