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We have an award winning retail market in Loughborough which has been part of the town’s history for almost 800 years and is rich in character, atmosphere and colour.

There is information above for visitors to our markets as well as traders who with to trade on one of our markets. 

Loughborough Market returns on Thursday May 28

Loughborough Market is returning on Thursday May 28 in a limited capacity. Only traders selling food are being allowed to start with. We anticipate there being 12-15 traders all based in Market Place.

We are putting up semi-permanent stalls on May 22 to help get the Market Place ready. The stalls will be left up for the next few weeks. Some traders will use their own vehicles to trade from as per normal.

The stalls will occupy the middle channel of Market Place and barriers will help shopper navigate the area safely.

Signage will also be in place.

It is planned to bring back the full market in phases.

The first phase is for essential goods – ie food.

The second phase will be adding on perishables and some specific retail goods. This is planned for June.

The third phase will be to bring on all other goods. We do not yet have a date for this.

Shop Mobility remains suspended.

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Last updated: Thu 21st May, 2020 @ 14:10