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Rival markets

Residents in Leicester and its outlying areas, including Birstall, Thurmaston and Wanlip in Charnwood, are to be asked to continue to follow stricter lockdown restrictions for at least two weeks, and non-essential shops will be closed. More information - including frequently asked questions and a postcode checker - can be found at

The Borough Council currently operates retail, Bric-a-Brac, and farmers markets at Loughborough (Market Place, Devonshire Square, and adjacent streets) and Shepshed (Hallcroft).

Any market that is operated other than by the Charnwood Borough Council, within six and two-thirds miles of the council run markets, shall be deemed a “rival market”.

A market shall be deemed a rival market irrespective of the type of goods sold or the general nature of the market. The legal definition of a market being “a concourse of buyers and sellers” shall apply in determining whether an event as Car Boot Sales, Antique Fairs, Craft Fairs etc., shall be deemed rival markets.

Licensing Policy

The Borough Council has approved a policy outlining conditions under which licences will be issued to operators, allowing rival markets to be held. Any person who wishes to operate a rival market may only do so if the Borough Council has licensed such a market.

Licences shall not be issued for rival markets, which are intended for the sale of new goods of a general retailand miscellaneous market nature.

Car boot sales shall be restricted to householders selling surplus household articles; no new or “bought-in” goods will be permitted.

Any rival market organisation, which in the opinion of the council contravenes, either directly or indirectly, any of these conditions, shall not be issued with further licences to operate rival markets.

Licence Fees

An appropriate fee to be paid on application, not less than fourteen days before the event. For full details of fees and charges please contact the Market & Fairs Office.

Licence Applications

Applications for licences must be made on an official application form which can be obtained from the Markets and Fairs Section, Charnwood Borough Council, Southfield Road, Loughborough, Leics LE11 2TN, telephone 01509 634624 (direct line) or email: .

Completed application forms must be returned to the address above, so as to arrive not less than fourteen days before the date of the event. The required fee, outlined in section 3 overleaf, must accompany all applications.

Application forms for “charitable” events must be completed and signed by a person who is an official or member of that particular charity i.e. Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.

Signing of events

It is an offence to erect signs on the public highway without the approval and consent of the highway authority.  Signs have to be of an approved type (normally of AA or RAC design for temporary events) and applicants, therefore, need approval for the event if direction signing is being considered.

For events in Loughborough, contact Development Control, Charnwood Borough Council, Southfields, Southfield Road, Loughborough. Leics. LE11 2TN.

For events outside Loughborough but in Leicestershire, contact the Development Control, (Traffic Management Section), Leicestershire County Council, County Hall, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8RJ

For events outside Loughborough but in Nottinghamshire, contact the Department of Planning, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Civic Centre, Pavilion Road. Nottingham. NG2 5FE


The Council requires at least one month’s notice of any intention to operate or hold a temporary market.

The Council reserves the right to take formal legal action against any person or company attempting to operate an unlicensed rival market, or operating a licensed rival market and failing to comply with the above requirements and the terms of the attached licence.

The Council reserves the right to revoke the licence in the event of a licensed rival market failing to comply with the above requirements or the terms of the licence.

All advertisements for “licensed events” must include the licence reference number as indicated on the official licence issued to all applicants.

“Non-Commercial Applications” should also display on all advertisements the name/title of that particular charity or fund raising organisation.

Fire Precaution/Safety

The Leicestershire CC Fire and Rescue Service advise that special attention should be made to the following:

The provision and maintenance of adequate access to the site/premises to be used for holding the proposed event for Fire Service Vehicles and means of escape for persons attending the event.

Initial enquiries regarding the necessary provision should be made to the owner/occupier of the land/premises and, when additional information is required, to the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Brigade Headquarters, Anstey Frith, Leicester Road, Glenfield, LG3 8HD. Tel. 0116 287 2241.

The Fire Authority will require a clear 14 days notice, in order that any necessary survey and reply can be undertaken.

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