For any enquiries regarding street trading or activity outside of Loughborough town centre, please contact Leicestershire County Council on 0116 305 0001. 

Any street trading or activity in Loughborough town centre requires the completion of the relevant application form. 

This means that any person or company who wishes to sell items from a trailer or stall in a town centre street, must apply for consent from the Council.

There are two types of consent:

  1. Street Trading Consent - for the selling of goods on an annual basis
  2. Town Centre Activity Consent - for the selling or promotion on a daily/weekly basis

Please email  for the relevant application forms.

No street trading or town centre activity may take place until permission has been granted.

Street Trading Consent

This is for the sale of goods and services which have the following categories:

  • Food (annual) - £1,600
  • Food (daily) - £40
  • Non-food (annual) - £1,100
  • Non-food (daily) - £37

There is a small supplementary service charge for electric of £5.20 per day.

Town Centre Activity Consent

This is for promotion of services that are not for sale e.g. for information only.

  • Commercial activity (daily) - £71
  • Charity booking (daily from third party booking agent) - £71
  • Charity booking (daily directly from the charity) - £37

There is a small supplementary service charge for electric of £5.20 per day.

Trading on Loughborough Markets

If you wish to trade on Loughborough markets, please visit our Trading on Loughborough's markets web page.

Pavement Licences

A licence is needed to put tables and chairs on the street outside business premises, to create a street cafe or to use street or pavement space for displays. 

For more information please visit the Pavement Licence webpage.     

Other people we may consult with

Following the receipt of a valid application for street trading consent or town centre activity, we may consult with various people, including:

  • Police
  • Leicestershire County Council Highways
  • Street Management
  • Licensing

For further information and/or to apply for any of the above, please email .

Last updated: Wed 4th January, 2023 @ 11:51