If you are a former member of the armed forces and are having difficulties with your housing situation, you might find the following information useful.

Getting help

If you have previously been a member of the armed forces, you might find it hard to adjust to civilian life or may experience problems that are related to your service (such as physical or mental health problems) and could find it difficult to find or keep a home as a result. Getting help and support can therefore make it easier for you to deal with your housing situation.

SSAFA can provide advice and support to former members of the armed forces on a range of issues, including the transition to civilian life, finances and physical and mental wellbeing.

Staying in your home

If you live with family or friends and are finding it difficult to live together due to problems that are related to your service, you might benefit from mediation. The Bridge can offer a mediation service to people living in Charnwood.  

If you have your own tenancy and are finding it difficult to manage (for example having problems paying your rent or other bills) you might benefit from tenancy support. 

The Bridge can provide support to any tenant living in Charnwood.

Charnwood Borough Council's Tenancy Support service can provide support to vulnerable Council Tenants, including those who are vulnerable as a result of having been a member of the armed forces.

Finding a new home

You can apply or ask to be referred for supported accommodation. Some accommodation providers in Charnwood can support people to build up their skills and confidence and help them to get ready for their own independent tenancy in the future.

You can look for a tenancy in the Private Rented Sector. Charnwood Borough Council's Social Lettings Service might be able to help you secure a tenancy with a private landlord in Charnwood.

You can apply for a tenancy with a Council or other Registered Provider of Social Housing. If you have a local connection to Charnwood you may be able to join Charnwood Borough Council's Housing Register. If you do not have a local connection to Charnwood but are serving in the regular armed forces, have served in the regular armed forces within the last 5 years or have a serious illness, injury or disability sustained as a result of service in the regular armed forces or reserve forces, you may still be able to join Charnwood Borough Council's Housing Register.

Further advice and assistance

If you are homeless, or think you may be at risk of becoming homeless in the next 56 days, please contact the Housing Options Team as soon as possible for further advice and assistance. They can talk to you about your housing situation, housing needs and housing related support needs and may be able to help you stay in your home or find a new home. If you are homeless and are vulnerable as a result of having been a member of the regular armed forces, the Housing Options Team might be able to offer you temporary accommodation so that you have somewhere to live whilst you are trying to find a new home.

For independent housing advice you can contact The Bridge or Charnwood Citizen's Advice Bureau.

The following organisations may be able to provide you with further information or advice:

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