We hope you enjoy your time living and studying in the Borough of Charnwood.

This page provides links to all the things you need to know as a student in Loughborough.

Go to My Charnwood and enter your postcode to find information on:

  • When your bins are being collected
  • Where you can find your nearest: doctor's surgery, recycling points, police station and transports links

Waste and recycling information for students living on and off campus

Student safety and crime prevention

As the start of the new university term begins a joint campaign to promote student safety and crime prevention is being launched by the Police, Charnwood Borough Council and Loughborough University.

During the first few weeks of term officers will be visiting you to provide information and advice about living off-campus in residential areas of Loughborough.

For more information on how to stay safe, visit our community safety pages.

Respecting your neighbourhood

Students and residents live alongside each other in Loughborough and to ensure harmony is maintained it is important to respect others and their property.

excessive noise and other anti-social activities can cause distress and have an impact on the neighbourhood. We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and, along with the University, will apply the appropriate enforcement.

Please remember that other people keep different hours to you. They may work shifts or they may have children. You should also remember to:

  • Keep the bass on your music down and close all windows and doors
  • Inform any neighbours who may be affected at least 24 hours before having a party
  • Don't have frequent parties at the same location
  • In the summer if the party starts outside move inside at a reasonable time
  • Consider the position of stereos and televisions (not on adjacent walls)
  • When leaving and entering the property ask guests to keep voices down
  • Remember you are responsible for the noise and behaviour of your guests

The most important thing to remember is if you receive a complaint act upon it. Everybody likes a good time but nobody likes to be unduly disturbed, so think, consider and respect before having a party to prevent more serious repercussions than a hangover!

For advice & information for students living in the community can be found on the University's community webpage.

Additional information

The weblinks below provide student-related information such as council tax discounts, parking in residential areas, debt advice, recruitment, sport and recreation in Charnwood, and more.

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