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Waste and recycling information for students

Dear Customers, please be aware that there could be disruptions to online payments on Sunday September 22 between 8am and 12pm due to essential maintenance taking place. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

It is great that you have chosen to study, work and live in Loughborough and we very much welcome you. 

We are working very hard as a borough to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill and would like you to help is hit our recycling targets.

For further information on recycling and waste in halls of residence please contact us on:

Living off-campus

Charnwood has an alternate weekly collection of recycling and waste. You can find out when your recycling and waste collection days are by going to My Charnwood and entering your postcode.

When you move into your property you should have a green bin for recycling and a black bin for any refuse that cannot be recycled. 

Please make sure that your bin is placed at the edge of the property by 7am on the day of collection and stored out of sight. You may also receive a battery bag for recycling batteries.

For more practical hints and tips visit the Loughborough University website. If you require any further information please visit our recycling and waste page or contact Environmental Services.

Living in halls of residence

Recycling facilities are provided in the following halls of residence on Loughborough University campus:

  • Cayley
  • David Collett
  • Elvyn Richards
  • Faraday
  • Royce
  • Rutherford
  • Towers
  • Falkner Eggington
  • Forest Court
  • John Phillips
  • Butler Court
  • Hazlerigg - Rutland
  • Robert Bakewell
  • Telford

Green bags

Green bags are provided in kitchens for: paper and card, cartons, aerosols, food and drink cans, foil and plastics.

Please do not put food waste in the green recycling bag, this should be put into the residual waste bin. Any green bags contaminated with food and other non-recyclable items will be rejected and the whole bag sent to landfill.

Glass recycling

Glass boxes or crates are provided in kitchens for glass bottles and jars only, these can then be deposited in bottle banks situated on campus. Please ensure all bottles and jars are rinsed before putting into the glass box.

Glass should not be put in the green recycling bags or residual waste. Broken glass should be placed in the container provided in the kitchen.

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