Please note: This consultation was only applicable to those tenants whose tenancies started between October 11, 2021 and March 14, 2022.

We have been consulting tenants over a new tenancy agreement and we asked to hear the views of both existing Charnwood secure and introductory tenants.

Your existing tenancy agreement is now over ten years old and the service needs to update it in line with changes in the law, regulation and recognised good practice.

In order to replace your existing tenancy agreement with the new one, the service had to consult tenants and consider any comments made about the proposed new agreement, before informing you of when the new agreement will take effect.

We have written to tenants with the new agreement enclosed plus some information designed to help them see what changes the service is planning to make.

Comments on the proposed new tenancy agreement closed at noon on Monday April 11, 2022. Please do not sign and return the enclosed draft new tenancy agreement: this is for your reference only.

Following consultation we will consider all the comments we receive and may make changes to the draft tenancy agreement that you have been sent as a result of those comments. We expect that you will be bound by the new tenancy agreement and its terms from Monday, 23 May 2022 but will confirm this in our notice of variation.

When the new tenancy agreement takes effect you will not have to sign a new tenancy agreement.

To view the contents of the consultation pack, plus a copy of your existing tenancy agreement, please see the documents below:

The existing tenancy agreement pack can be found below:

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