If you are no longer a tenant, and have left our property owing money on your rent account, these are known as former tenant arrears.

If you have arrears you can make an arrangement to pay them by contacting the Customer Service Team on 01509 634666.

You can also request an appointment to visit our offices between Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm by calling 01509 634560.

What do I need to know about former tenant arrears?

  • Before you leave the property you must complete an official termination form, giving four weeks’ notice. If you leave before this time, you will still be charged rent for the whole four week notice period.
  • If you claim Housing Benefit and leave before the end of the four week notice period, your benefits will stop and you will have to pay your rent up until the end of the notice period. You must inform Housing Benefit of the date you
    left the property.
  • Hand your keys in before midday on the Monday your tenancy is due to end. If the keys are not received by this time you will be charged the weekly rent until the keys are returned.
  • If a family member dies you are required to advise our Customer Service Team of the death on 01509 634666. The tenancy will end on the following Monday after the keys have been returned, providing a minimum of one weeks’ notice has been given and an inspection has taken place.

Actions that can be taken to recover former tenant arrears

If you leave your tenancy with rent arrears, and do not give us your new address, we will contact you and give you the opportunity to make an arrangement to clear the arrears on your account.

If you do not pay these arrears, we will pass your details to a Debt Collection Agency, or take Court action to recover the debt; which will lead to a County Court judgement and extra legal costs added to your account.

How will having former tenant arrears affect future tenancy applications?

Any debts you have after ending a tenancy could prevent you from being offered a property by Charnwood Borough Council in the future.

Details of your arrears will be given in any reference we provide to other organisations regarding your tenancy, and could have a negative effect on your credit rating.

For advice on former tenant arrears

Paying your arrears

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