We are committed to providing excellent customer service and have listed below a summary of our service standards, so that you know you to expect from us.

Housing Income Service Standards

  • provide a choice of payment methods which include direct debits, swipe cards, telephone payments, internet payments and standing orders
  • provide a replacement swipe card for payments within 15 working days
  • provide quarterly rent statements which are easy to understand, include all transactions and a breakdown of charges to your account
  • show any court costs separately on your account rather than including them in your rent arears
  • provide financial inclusion advice to help you maximise your income and reduce your rent arrears
  • sign-post you to more in depth financial and debt advice where needed
  • give you four weeks’ notice of any changes to your rent or service charges
  • allow you to make an agreement with us to pay any arrears by instalments and not take any further action provided you keep to this
  • visit you at home to discuss your rent if you are unable to come to our offices
  • provide confidential and private interview rooms in our offices so that you can discuss your rent in private

Tenancy and Estate Management Service Standards

  • inspect communal areas of flats and sheltered schemes once a month
  • visit all new tenants within four weeks of their moving in to provide advice, information and answer any queries
  • give you a decision on a mutual exchanged application within 42 days
  • identify any support needs for vulnerable new tenants before or at the point of moving in, sign-posting to external support services or providing direct in-house support by the tenancy support team
  • provide dedicated tenancy support to existing vulnerable tenants to help them keep their tenancy
  • produce a tenancy support plan for all sheltered tenants and review this every six months
  • provide sheltered tenants with access to an emergency alarm system and on call warden
  • provide you with the opportunity to take-up home contents insurance

Repairs Service Standards

  • Emergency repairs – we will complete the repair within 24 hours
  • Urgent repairs – we will complete the repair within 5 working days
  • Routine repairs – we will complete the repair within 28 working days
  • Planned work (fences, paths, plastering etc.) – we will complete within 90 days
  • Our staff will always wear photo identification
  • We will protect your belongings from damage, dust and paint
  • When doing repairs, we will clear rubbish from your home at the end of each working day
  • When doing repairs, we will make sure that you have electricity, water and gas connected at the end of each day
  • We will make sure that we keep you informed of progress
  • We will provide adaptations to your home to address disability needs
  • We will fit a smoke detector to your home
  • We will service your gas boiler annually
  • If we are replacing your kitchen or bathroom we will give you a choice of finishes and tiling to choose from

Anti-Social Behaviour Service Standards

  • aim to reduce the numbers of people who believe anti -social behaviour to be of a high level in Charnwood
  • provide regular updates to communities about actions taken to tackle anti-social behaviour and in particular, where appropriate, we will publicise, where permitted, enforcement
  • provide residents with a swift and simple means of complaining, directly to the Community Safety Partnership via the Community Trigger, if effective action is not taken by local agencies through existing channels
  • provide comprehensive support and help for victims and witnesses of anti-social behaviour, having particular regard for those identified as being vulnerable
  • take complaints of anti-social behaviour seriously; risk assessing each reported incident and responding in agreed timescales (all serious incidents of anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse and hate crimes being responded to within 1 working day), recording and investigating all complaints, providing regular updates to all involved parties
  • respond to all other complaints of anti-social behavior within a maximum of 5 working days, advising the complainant of who their main contact is
  • agree an action plan with complainants of anti-social behavior
  • ensure effective links with neighbourhood policing and other local partners to deal swiftly with anti-social behaviour problems
  • ensure that the support needs of those who perpetrate anti-social behaviour are addressed and that they are afforded adequate opportunity to moderate their behaviour, leading to the best possible outcomes for all

Customer Service Standards

  • reply to letters and e-mails within 10 workings days
  • ensure that the information you provide is treated confidentially
  • respect all customers and always be polite, helpful and professional
  • respond to stage 1 complaints within 10 working days
  • respond to stage 2 complaints within 20 working days
  • provide documents in other formats, including audio and braille if needed
  • provide interpretation and information in other languages where needed

Customer Engagement Service Standards

  • provide and develop a range of ways for tenants and leaseholders to become involved including the use of focus groups, tenant/officer working groups
  • consult tenants before making substantial changes to the service they receive
  • seek feedback on services we provide, for example, repairs, decent homes works, and anti-social behaviour
  • reimburse tenants and leaseholders for reasonable expenses occurred when attending meeting and involvement events
  • provide training for tenants and leaseholders to enable them to become more involved in influencing the services they receive
  • attend Tenant/Residents Association meetings when requested
  • ensure that information is made available to tenants and leaseholders on the range of services offered so that customers know what to expect
  • provide the quarterly newsletter “Your Homes Matter” with information and advice
  • provide setting up grants to groups wanting to set up a residents’ association
  • provide annual running costs grant to residents associations
  • provide a one-off payment of £250 to support community events or up to £400 annually for an on-going project
  • facilitate and support the Charnwood Housing Residents Forum at its monthly meetings, producing minutes and agendas and attending meetings
  • facilitate and support the Leaseholders Forum, producing minutes, agendas and attending meetings
  • carry out an annual satisfaction and feedback survey of leaseholders
  • carry out a three year satisfaction and feedback survey of tenants
  • measure satisfaction for key service areas monthly

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