Please see our leafing itinerary for a list of 'hot spot' areas where leaves will be cleared:

Leafing schedule

Day Location Section Town/Village
Monday Anson Road Parts Shepshed
Monday Belvoir Way Cul de Sac @ Windsor Road Shepshed
Monday Cambridge Street All Shepshed
Monday Church Side All Shepshed
Monday Church Street All Shepshed
Monday Churchgate All Shepshed
Monday Coach Road All Shepshed
Monday Fairway Road Top and Bottom Shepshed
Monday Glenmore Avenue All Shepshed
Monday Iveshead Road Beginning Shepshed
Monday Lambert Avenue All Shepshed
Monday Leicester Road Parts Shepshed
Monday Loughborough Road All Shepshed
Monday Northwood Drive All Shepshed
Monday Oakley Road All Shepshed
Monday Queen Street All Shepshed
Monday Tickow Lane All Shepshed
Tuesday Albert Promenade All Loughborough
Tuesday Ashby Road Bottom Loughborough
Tuesday Beacon Road Bottom Loughborough
Tuesday Bowling Green Way All Loughborough
Tuesday Braddon Road Near Black Brook Loughborough
Tuesday Brisco Avenue Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Browns Lane All Loughborough
Tuesday Browns Lane Car Park All Loughborough
Tuesday Browns Lane Leisure Ctr All Loughborough
Tuesday Burfield Avenue Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Byron Street Extention All Loughborough
Tuesday Charnwood Water Car Park Loughborough
Tuesday Chester Close All Loughborough
Tuesday Cumberland Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Derby Road Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Durham Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Forest Road Bottom Loughborough
Tuesday Frederick Street All Loughborough
Tuesday Granby Street All Loughborough
Tuesday Granby Street Car Park All Loughborough
Tuesday Grove Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Hastings Street All Loughborough
Tuesday Kings Avenue Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Knightthorpe Road Bottom Loughborough
Tuesday Leicester Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Lewis Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Meadow Lane All Loughborough
Tuesday Milton Street Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Oxford Street Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Packe Street All Loughborough
Tuesday Park Road Bottom - All Loughborough
Tuesday Radmoor Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Rectory Place All Loughborough
Tuesday Rectory Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Southfields Road All plus Council Offices Loughborough
Tuesday Steeple Row All Loughborough
Tuesday Storer Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Tatmarsh All Loughborough
Tuesday True Lovers Walk All Loughborough
Tuesday Warwick Way All Loughborough
Tuesday Westfield Drive All Loughborough
Tuesday William Street All Loughborough
Wednesday Avon Road All Barrow
Wednesday Barrow Road All Barrow
Wednesday Breachfield Road Melton Road - Opp 75 Barrow
Wednesday Bridge Street All Barrow
Wednesday Church Lane All Barrow
Wednesday Church Street All Barrow
Wednesday Cotes Road Barrowcliffe - Roundabout Barrow
Wednesday Cramps Close All Barrow
Wednesday Martin Avenue All Barrow
Wednesday Melton Road Fishpool - Breachfield Road Barrow
Wednesday Mill Lane All Barrow
Wednesday Nottingham Road Willow Road /Fishpool junctions Barrow
Wednesday Ribble Drive All Barrow
Wednesday Sileby Road Sections Barrow
Wednesday South Street All Barrow
Wednesday Welland Road All Barrow
Wednesday Back Lane All Cossington
Wednesday Main Street All Cossington
Wednesday Platts Lane All Cossington
Wednesday Bond Lane All Mountsorrel
Wednesday Castle Hill All Mountsorrel
Wednesday Crown Lane All Mountsorrel
Wednesday Halstead Road All Mountsorrel
Wednesday Kingfisher Way Parts Mountsorrel
Wednesday Leicester Road All Mountsorrel
Wednesday Loughborough Road All Mountsorrel
Wednesday Rothley Road All Mountsorrel
Wednesday The Green All Mountsorrel
Wednesday Berrycott Lane All Seagrave
Wednesday Butchers Lane All Seagrave
Wednesday Church Street All Seagrave
Wednesday Green Lane All Seagrave
Wednesday King Street All Seagrave
Wednesday Mucklegate Lane All Seagrave
Wednesday Barrow Road Parts Sileby
Wednesday Brook Street All Sileby
Wednesday Charles Street Parts Sileby
Wednesday Charles Street Parts Sileby
Wednesday Cossington Road Parts Sileby
Wednesday Heathcote Drive Parts Sileby
Wednesday Highgate Road All Sileby
Wednesday Mountsorrel Lane All Sileby
Wednesday Ratcliffe Road Parts Sileby
Thursday Bradgate Road All Anstey
Thursday Caters Close All Anstey
Thursday Church Lane All Anstey
Thursday Cropston Road Top End Anstey
Thursday Fairhaven Road First Part Anstey
Thursday Forest Gate Grass area off Bradgate Rd Anstey
Thursday Gorse Hill All Anstey
Thursday Groby Road Opp Ashfield Dr Anstey
Thursday Gynsill Lane All Anstey
Thursday Gysnill Close All Anstey
Thursday Hollow Road Park to Bradgate Road Anstey
Thursday Latimer Street Top End Anstey
Thursday Leicester Road Gynsill Lane - The Nook Anstey
Thursday Park Road All Anstey
Thursday Bradgate Road All Cropston
Thursday Cropston Road Parts Cropston
Thursday Reservoir Road All Cropston
Thursday Station Road Parts Cropston
Thursday Bradgate Road All Newtown Linford
Thursday Grey Crescent Parts Newtown Linford
Thursday Groby Lane Parts Newtown Linford
Thursday Main Street All Newtown Linford
Thursday Markfield Lane Parts Newtown Linford
Thursday Sharpley Hill All Newtown Linford
Thursday Anstey Lane Parts - Bottom End Thurcaston
Thursday Leicester Road All Thurcaston
Thursday Rectory Lane All Thurcaston
Thursday Thurcaston Lane All Thurcaston
Thursday Polly Botts Lane All Ulverscroft
Thursday Priory Lane All Ulverscroft
Thursday Ulverscroft Lane All Ulverscroft
Thursday Whitcrofts Lane All Ulverscroft
Friday Barkby Holt Lane All Barkby
Friday Barkby Thorpe Lane All Barkby
Friday Beeby Road All Barkby
Friday Brookside All Barkby
Friday Main Street All Barkby
Friday Thorpe Lane All Barkby
Friday Vicarage Lane All Barkby
Friday Queens Street All Barkby Thorpe
Friday Main Street All Beeby
Friday Broome Lane Parts East Goscote
Friday Long Furrow Parts East Goscote
Friday Melton Road Parts East Goscote
Friday Watergate All East Goscote
Friday Broome Lane Parts Ratcliffe
Friday Main Street All Ratcliffe
Friday Brook Street All Rearsby
Friday Brookside All Rearsby
Friday Church Leys Avenue Parts Rearsby
Friday Grange Avenue All Rearsby
Friday Mill Road All Rearsby
Friday Station Road All Rearsby
Friday Kings Lane All South Croxton
Friday Main Street All South Croxton
Friday Syston Road Parts South Croxton
Friday Three Turns Lane Parts South Croxton
Friday Back Lane All Thrussington
Friday Church Lane All Thrussington
Friday Hoby Road All Thrussington
Friday Old Gate Road Parts Thrussington
Friday Regent Street All Thrussington
Friday The Green All Thrussington
Friday Barkby Thorpe Lane Parts Thurmaston
Friday Canal Street All Thurmaston
Friday Church Hill Road Near Library,School and Bridge Thurmaston
Friday Colby Drive Parts Thurmaston
Friday Humberstone Lane Parts Thurmaston
Friday Melton Road Near Roundhill School Thurmaston
Friday Unicorn Street All Thurmaston
Friday Wayside Drive Plus Subway Thurmaston
Monday Loughborough Road Nottingham Road - Roundabout Burton
Monday Melton Road Parts Burton
Monday Seymour Road End part Burton
Monday Sowters Lane All Burton
Monday Springfield Close All Burton
Monday Towles Fields All inc near park Burton
Monday Back Lane Parts Cotes
Monday Anchor Close All Hathern
Monday Anchor Lane All Hathern
Monday Church Street All Hathern
Monday Derby Road Laybys by Golf Club Hathern
Monday Derby Road All Hathern
Monday Dovecote Street All Hathern
Monday Loughborough Road All Hathern
Monday Narrow Lane All Hathern
Monday Pasture Lane All Hathern
Monday Wide Lane All Hathern
Monday Wide Street All Hathern
Monday Hollytree Close All Hoton
Monday Loughborough Road All Hoton
Monday Old Parsonage Lane All Hoton
Monday Prestwold Lane All Hoton
Monday Vine Tree Terrace All Hoton
Monday Wymeswold Road Parts Hoton
Monday Loughborough Road All Prestwold
Monday Black Lane All Walton
Monday Loughborough Road All Walton
Monday New Lane All Walton
Monday Brook Street All Wymeswold
Monday Church Street All Wymeswold
Monday Clay Street All Wymeswold
Monday East Street All Wymeswold
Monday Far Street All Wymeswold
Monday Hoton Road All Wymeswold
Monday Swifts Close All Wymeswold
Monday The Stockwell All Wymeswold
Tuesday Angus Drive All Loughborough
Tuesday Ashby Road Top - Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Beacon Road Top - Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Bramcote Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Buckingham Drive Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Coe Avenue All Loughborough
Tuesday Forest Road Top Loughborough
Tuesday Garendon Green Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Holt Drive All Loughborough
Tuesday Hurstwood Road Plus Check Old Railway Track! Loughborough
Tuesday Kenilworth Avenue parts Loughborough
Tuesday Knightthorpe Road Top - Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Maxwell Drive All Loughborough
Tuesday Melville Close Start Loughborough
Tuesday Mildenhall Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Moat Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Mountgrace Road Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Nanpantan Road All Loughborough
Tuesday New Ashby Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Newbon Close All Loughborough
Tuesday Old Ashby Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Outwoods Drive All Loughborough
Tuesday Park Road Top - Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Prestbury Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Pytchley Drive All Loughborough
Tuesday Ravesthorpe Drive Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Ravesthorpe Drive Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Ravesthorpe Drive Parts Loughborough
Tuesday Rowbank Way Hurstwood Road Junction Loughborough
Tuesday Skevington Avenue All Loughborough
Tuesday Thorpe Acre Road All Loughborough
Tuesday Thorpe Hill All Loughborough
Wednesday Chaveney Road All Quorndon
Wednesday Farley Way All Quorndon
Wednesday High Street All Quorndon
Wednesday Meeting Street All Quorndon
Wednesday School Lane All Quorndon
Wednesday Station Road All Quorndon
Wednesday Stoop Lane All Quorndon
Wednesday Wood Lane All Quorndon
Wednesday Woodhouse Road All Quorndon
Wednesday Fowke Street All Rothley
Wednesday Hallfields Lane All Rothley
Wednesday Homefield Lane All Rothley
Wednesday Mountsorrel Lane All Rothley
Wednesday Swithland Lane All Rothley
Wednesday The Ridgeway All Rothley
Wednesday The Ridings All Rothley
Wednesday Wellsic Lane All Rothley
Wednesday Westfield Drive All Rothley
Wednesday Leicester Lane All Swithland
Wednesday Main Street All- Top End to Speed Limit Sign  Swithland
Wednesday Shepshed Road All Swithland
Wednesday Beacon Road All W/house Eaves
Wednesday Brand Hill All W/house Eaves
Wednesday Church Hill All W/house Eaves
Wednesday Forest Road All W/house Eaves
Wednesday Main Street All W/house Eaves
Wednesday Beaumanor Gardens All Woodhouse
Wednesday Briscoe Lane All Woodhouse
Wednesday Forest Road All Woodhouse
Wednesday Maytree Lane All Woodhouse
Wednesday School Lane All Woodhouse
Wednesday Waterloo Spinney All Woodhouse
Thursday Birstall Road Parts Birstall
Thursday Church Hill All Birstall
Thursday Cliffe Road All Birstall
Thursday Farm Close All Birstall
Thursday Front Street All Birstall
Thursday Henson Close All Birstall
Thursday Loughborough Road Part - Near Redhill End Birstall
Thursday Mill Close All Birstall
Thursday Netherhall Lane All Birstall
Thursday Park Road All Birstall
Thursday School Lane All Birstall
Thursday Station Road All Birstall
Thursday Tempest Road All Birstall
Thursday Wanlip Lane Parts Birstall
Thursday Whiles Lane All Birstall
Thursday White Horse Lane All Birstall
Thursday Rectory Road All Wanlip
Friday Barkby Road All Queniborough
Friday Coppice Lane All Queniborough
Friday Main Street Parts Queniborough
Friday Melton Road Top End Queniborough
Friday Rearsby Road All Queniborough
Friday The Ringway One way Road Queniborough
Friday Wetherby Close All Queniborough
Friday Barkby Lane Clover Way - After Traffic Lights Syston
Friday Barkby Road Parts Syston
Friday Broad Street All Syston
Friday Brook Street All Syston
Friday Church Close All Syston
Friday College Road Parts Syston
Friday Fosse Way All Syston
Friday Gloucester Avenue Parts Syston
Friday Goodes Avenue All Syston
Friday Lime Close All Syston
Friday Melton Road Parts Syston
Friday Millstone Lane All Syston
Friday Northfields All Syston
Friday Ridgemere Close Parts Syston
Friday School Street All Syston
Friday St Peters Street All Syston
Friday Upper Church Street All Syston
Friday Wanlip Road Parts - + o/s Hope and Anchor Syston
Friday West Street North Street Junction Syston

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