We are dedicated to creating a cleaner, greener place to live, work and play for our residents.

Our open spaces management team take care of the green spaces in Loughborough.

These include:

  • Parks and Gardens
  • Play Areas
  • Wildlife sites
  • Cemeteries/Churchyards
  • Communal Grassed Areas
  • Hard Standing Areas, e.g. streets, Highways, pavements, communal car parks.

The open spaces that are outside of Loughborough are managed by the Parish Councils, Leicestershire County Council or Charity Trusts.

Hard standing areas, including streets, Highways, pavements and communal car parks

These are maintained by Serco. 

Central Reservations on A6 and A46

Central reservations are only litter picked in March/April and October by Serco, in partnership with Leicestershire County Council. Full details can be found on our cleansing of A6 and A46 webpage.

Other services

We carry out a number of services to keep the Borough clean. These include:

Litter and street cleaning

Dealing with abandoned vehicles

Removal of dog waste



Removal of needles, syringes, and drug related litter

Autumn leaf clearance

Additionally, our cleansing team look after the recycling and waste in the borough.

Last updated: Wed 8th March, 2023 @ 09:42