The Charnwood Big Switch is a collective energy switching scheme to help residents change suppliers and save money on their energy bills.

The scheme is delivered by the Council and iChoosr, an independent specialist provider in collective energy switching. 

Collective switching gives people the opportunity to group together and pay less for their energy.

There are three auctions each year (October, February and May) where energy suppliers bid against each other to provide the lowest priced tariff.

The next auction will take place on October 12, and registrations are now open.

The cheapest supplier wins the auction and each registered household can then decide if they want to switch or not. There is no obligation for people to switch if they do not want to.

All electricity tariffs on offer are 100% renewable energy.

In response to the changing energy market, iChoosr have created a market information page, to help explain how the current situation could impact residents energy bills. 

Find out more about the scheme and register online below.

Register for the Charnwood Big Switch

If you do not have internet access and want help with your registration, please call iChoosr on 0800 048 8439. (Lines are open 8am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday)

Below is a copy of a letter which was issued to households in Charnwood about the energy switching scheme.
Charnwood Big Switch letter - January 2021 (PDF Document, 0.22 Mb)

Last updated: Mon 11th October, 2021 @ 16:27