When you look round a council property as a prospective tenant, you won't be seeing it at its best – so it might be quite hard for you to imagine it as your future home.

Here's a checklist of the work we'll be doing on the property. Once all of these are done, it will look and feel more like a home. It's a big decision to make, and we don't want you to be put off by something that we will be dealing with.

Before you move in

We will;

  • Check that the property is safe and secure, and wind and water tight.
  • Check that all electrical switches and fittings are in place and are in safe working order, and carry out an electrical safety check before you move in.
  • Have gas safety checks carried out and a landlord gas certificate produced.
  • Have electrical safety checks carried out and an electrical safety certificate produced.
  • Have a working smoke detector on each floor of the property, and a working carbon monoxide detector wherever there is a fixed combustion appliance - Typical combustion appliances are boilers, warm air heaters, water heaters, fires, and stoves.  Cookers are also a combustion device, however a room with just a cooker in it does not need a carbon monoxide alarm. 
  • Have working extractor fans fitted in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Where air vents are present, these will be functioning and clear of obstruction.
  • Make sure there is some form of heating and a source of hot water, and that both are in good working order.
  • Check there is a gas and/or electrical cooker point.
  • Clean the sinks and sanitary fittings.
  • Make sure that all living areas are free from rubbish.
  • Issue you with a full set of keys, once you have signed for your new tenancy.

On the day you move in

We will;

  • Remove all security screens and re-glaze windows where necessary.

Once you have moved in

The gas and electricity may be turned off when you have moved in and it will be your responsibility to contact suppliers, give your details and have them switched on.You are responsible for having a gas or electricity meter fitted, if necessary (when you sign for the property you will be told if the meters have been removed).

You are also responsible for connecting your cooker. It is vital that you have your cooker connected by a qualified and competent person.

Remove any outside rubbish and arrange a strim/clear of the garden if needed.


We do not normally redecorate homes before new tenants move in, although we may make an exception for tenants who are disabled or pensioners.

However, you may be entitled to a decorating allowance in the form of decorating vouchers worth up to £150. The housing officer will discuss this with you when you sign up for your new tenancy.

Empty properties

When you move into an empty property it should;

  • be wind and watertight with usable windows
  • have all internal doors on and in place and secure, with changed door locks and full sets of keys for all external doors
  • have safe paths
  • taps and waste for plumbed in washing machine (if there is currently space available in the kitchen)
  • have a hot water system that is operable
  • have a working, clean and usable toilet, sink and bath or shower
  • have a safe and useable form of space heating
  • have useable worktops and cupboards
  • have well made floors with no loose, dangerous or missing floorboards
  • have a balustrade to the staircase and landing
  • ceilings to be in good order
  • have safe and working electrical fittings, with no exposed wires or cables
  • have an electrical cooker and/or gas cooker point
  • have no graffiti, mould growth or rubbish inside the property, including the loft and outbuildings
  • kitchen layouts, in empty properties, should have space for two electrical white goods in addition to the cooker (wherever possible without major works being required, such as extending the kitchen).

Last updated: Wed 3rd July, 2024 @ 12:47