If your bid for a property has been successful, the Housing Allocations and Lettings team will contact you and offer the property to you.

You need to wait for this contact to be made, please do not call the council to enquire about being successful.

You will be given 3 working days to respond to an offer. If you do not respond, this will be classed as a refusal.

Once you accept the offer, you will need to provide the following proofs within 3 working days:

  • 2 months bank statements for all bank accounts held within last 3 months (if not already provided)
  • A rent statement (if applicable)

You will be Invited to view the property, if you wish to accept the property you may be able to sign up for the property at the viewing or make an appointment after the viewing to sign up for a tenancy.

Property Viewing and Sign Up

A Lettings Officer will meet you at the property on the scheduled date and time and show you around. You will be able to ask any questions you may have about the property and accepting the offer.

If you accept the offer and want to sign up for the property at the viewing, the lettings officer will need valid photographic ID, and will go through the tenancy pack with you and sign you up and hand over the keys to the property.  

If you do not attend a property viewing, the offer will be withdrawn, and this will be classed as a refusal.

Refusal of an offer

If you refuse a suitable offer of accommodation, your application banding may be reduced. You will receive the following number of offers:

  • Band 3 – 3 offers of suitable accommodation
  • Band 2 – 3 offers of suitable accommodation
  • Band 1 – 1 offer of suitable accommodation

If you are in band 3 and band 2 and refuse 3 offers, you will be suspended from bidding on any further properties for 12 months. If you are in band 1 and refuse a suitable offer, your application will be re-assessed which may result in your being moved to a Band 3.

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