Commercial waste is defined as anything a business throws away.

Disposal of this waste must be carried out by a licensed waste carrier.

A competitive Trade Waste service is provided by Charnwood Borough Council.

Failure to dispose of your trade waste in the correct way can result in action being taken against you and your business.

The Procedure for dealing with businesses who do not have a commercial waste contractor/waste transfer notes in line with Waste Regulations (Environmental Protection Act 1990 – Section 34):

  • Initial visit to business following reports of issues with waste collection/disposal
  • Business will be asked to produce their waste contract and/or waste transfer notes (receipt for licenced waste carrier taking waste away)
  • Second visit to business to check correct waste credentials are in place.  If there is no waste contractor in place the council can issue a fixed penalty notice or prosecute for failing to produce waste transfer notes.

Commercial waste bins must not be left out on the street:

  • If we receive a report of a business leaving waste or bins out in the street – the Officer will visit and advise the business about correct collection/disposal methods and placement of bins.
    • if there are issues with bins a section 47 notice can be issued
    • if the issue is concerning a build-up of waste on commercial property a community protection warning can be issued.
  • A follow up visit will then be undertaken to check compliance with the relevant notice
  • If the notice has not been complied with then a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution can take place.

The law on commercial waste can be found below:

Commercial waste - the law

Find out about waste carrier licences

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