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Black refuse bin

Dear Customers, please be aware that there could be disruptions to online payments on Sunday September 22 between 8am and 12pm due to essential maintenance taking place. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please note, wheelie bins should be presented from 6am.

Most homes in the borough are issued with a 180-litre black wheelie bin for waste which cannot be recycled.

Check your bin collection day

How can I get black sacks?

Black sacks are supplied free of charge to properties that do not have provision for a wheeled bin.

The bags will be delivered on a like-for-like basis. Please see the Exempt Properties page for instruction on how to correctly use your black sacks. Residents using a communal bin will need to provide their own sacks.

If you are currently using black sacks but would like to have a wheelie bin instead, please contact email or call 01509 634563.

Please ensure that all waste is inside the black sacks and not loose inside in the bin.

Replacement black bins

We will only replace a black bin if it is broken. If your black bin does need replacing it will be replaced with a 180-litre black bin. Charnwood Borough Council now only distribute 180-litre black bins as we feel this is adequate for most households and will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and encourage recycling. 

Additional black bins

If there is a medical issue within a household which creates additional domestic waste, we are able to provide a second black bin provided that medical evidence can be sent.

If a second black bin is requested due to the number of people living in a household, officers will need to visit the property to view your bins and discuss your waste and recycling needs before a bin can be authorised. 

Any additional black bins will be 180 litres.

E-cigarette update

E-cigarette batteries cannot be recycled or included in your refuse waste. Please contact Leicestershire County Council for more information on how to dispose of them.

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