Please note: Bins should be presented before 6am on collection days at your property boundary – this is where your property meets the pavement. 

There are some exceptions for assisted collections when our waste partners Serco have permission to go onto the property to collect the bins.

Most homes in the borough are issued with a 180-litre black wheelie bin for waste which cannot be recycled.

Check your bin collection day

How can I get black sacks?

Black sacks are supplied free of charge to properties that do not have provision for a wheeled bin.

The bags will be delivered on a like-for-like basis. Please see the Exempt Properties page for instruction on how to correctly use your black sacks. Residents using a communal bin will need to provide their own sacks.

If you are currently using black sacks but would like to have a wheelie bin instead, you can order one via our recycling and waste online services webpage.

Please ensure that all waste is inside the black sacks and not loose inside in the bin.

Order a bin for a property

Please only use this form if your existing bin has gone missing or you need a bin for a new build property that is now occupied.

Order a bin for a property

Report a damaged bin

Please note: A damaged black bin will be replaced by a 180-litre bin.

Report a damaged bin

Additional black bins

If there is a medical issue within a household which creates additional domestic waste, we are able to provide a second black bin provided that medical evidence can be sent.

Any additional black bins will be 180 litres.

Report an unreturned bin

Please use the form below if your bin has been emptied but has not been returned to its collection point, e.g. it has been left on the road/pavement. 

Please note: The contractors will be informed ready for the next collection but they will not normally return before then unless specifically asked to do so / there is a good reason, e.g. it is blocking access and the household is unable to move.

Report an unreturned bin

Report a bin left on the street

If a bin has been left out on the street for more than 24 hours after collection, you can report it via the form below. Please note: We need to know the specific address so a case can be raised and an investigation can take place or a letter issued to advise the property about the Council’s requirements for waste collection.

Report a bin left on the street

E-cigarette update

E-cigarette batteries cannot be recycled or included in your refuse waste. Please contact Leicestershire County Council for more information on how to dispose of them.

Last updated: Thu 17th November, 2022 @ 16:32