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Green recycling bin

Covid-19: We are currently under national restrictions. Please stay at home to control the virus, protect the NHS and save lives.

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The recycling collection reduces the amount of items going into landfill and helps to increase the amount of resources that can be recycled into other items. 

Check your bin collection day

Please note: Bins should be presented from 6am on the day of collection.

How to present your recycling

  • Empty, rinse and dry all bottles, jars and containers and place lids back on
  • Flatten cardboard* and cartons – keep it dry
  • Place lids back on all bottles, jars and cartons
  • Items should go in loose
  • All packaging should be empty 

*Large pieces of flattened card can be left by the side of your recycling bin

What can or cannot be recycled?

For information on what can and cannot be recycled in your green bin, head to our recycling guide webpage or visit the Less Waste website.

What to do if your bin is full

If you have more recycling than you can fit in your recycling bin, please put it in clear bags so that the crews can easily see the contents. Black bags will not be collected.

If you frequently produce additional recycling then you can contact us to request recycling sacks or additional battery bags:

Request recycling sacks and/or battery bags

Replacement green bins

We will only replace a green bin if it is broken.

Please note: The form does not currently offer the option of reporting a damaged brown bin. If your brown bin is damaged and needs replacing, please email .

Your damaged bin will be taken away, and a replacement will be supplied.

Report a broken bin and request a replacement

Requesting a recycling bin delivery

If your recycling bin has gone missing, or if you have moved into a new-build property and there isn't a green bin, please use the form below to order a delivery:

Request a green bin delivery

Report an unreturned bin

Please use the form below if your bin has been emptied but has not been returned to its collection point, e.g. it has been left on the road/pavement. 

Please note: The contractors will be informed ready for the next collection but they will not normally return before then unless specifically asked to do so / there is a good reason, e.g. it is blocking access and the household is unable to move.

Report an unreturned bin

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Last updated: Thu 4th March, 2021 @ 10:44