Leicestershire County Council run the refuse and recycling waste disposal sites, not Charnwood Borough Council.

Please contact Leicestershire County Council directly if you have complaints or queries about the sites or the service.

The three sites in Charnwood are at:

Based on current government information on Coronavirus restrictions, which could change:

To visit a waste site up to and including Sunday July 18 you must book an appointment. Please do not turn up without one as you will be turned away.

From Monday July 19, no appointments are necessary to visit a waste site, but vans, pick-ups and cars with trailers, and any vehicle bringing asbestos, chemicals or liquid paint, must have a waste permit.

If you already have an appointment to visit a waste site during the week of July 19-25, you don't need a waste permit for that visit only.

Booking an appointment (up to and including Sunday July 18)

You can find more information and book an appointment via the Leicestershire County Council website.

You should only go to a site if your waste cannot be stored at home without causing a risk of injury, health or harm to a you or other members of your household. If you can temporarily store your waste in a way that does not pose a risk to yours or others safety or human health, please do so.

Applying for a waste permit

Waste permits can be purchased and renewed through the Leicestershire County Council website. More information on temporary or permenent permits can be found on their waste permit page.

Last updated: Tue 13th July, 2021 @ 16:07