Below is some additional information about recycling and refuse.

When do my bins get collected?

Use the link below and add your postcode. Your collection dates will be in the top left-hand corner.

Check your bin collection day

When do my bins need to be out?

Please leave your bins at the edge of your property boundary next to the road before 6am on your collection day. Bins will be emptied and returned to the edge of your property.

After they have been emptied, please put your bins back on your property as soon as possible so that they don't obstruct pavements/walkways.

If bins are left out for longer than 24 hours after collection, we can take action including issuing fines.

What is classed as my property boundary?

Your property boundary is where your driveway or foothpath meets the pavement.

If you live in in a terraced property which does not have a front garden, driveway or footpath then please present your bin at the front of the property.

What if my bin gets damaged?

If your bin is damaged through general wear and tear, or during collection, we will replace the bin free of charge. However, if a bin has been damaged through misuse, a charge will be made for its repair or replacement.

You may want to mark your bins in some way to identify them from your neighbours' bins. If you do, please take care not to damage the bins. It is your responsibility to keep your bins clean.

Report a damaged bin online by using the form below:

Report a damaged bin

What do I do if my green bin is full?

If you frequently produce additional recycling then you can contact us to request recycling sacks using the form below. Please note: Additional bins will not be provided.

Request recycling sacks

What can I do with used light bulbs?

Used light bulbs should not be placed into any of Charnwood’s domestic refuse or recycling bins. Instead they should be taken to one of Leicestershire County Council's Household Waste and Recycling Sites (tips)to be safely disposed of.

What do we do with left over paint?

Leicestershire County Council operate a paint reuse scheme from their Whetstone recycling and household waste site.

How do I recycle old mobile phone and printer cartridges?

All mobile phones are accepted at Recycling & Household Waste sites either with or without a battery and charger and envirofone will pay you for recycling your old mobile phone.

Some printer cartridges can be refilled, but please check your printer and cartridge instructions though as not all printers and cartridges are suitable for refilling.

Old mobile phones and printer cartridges are accepted by many charities for recycling.

What can I do with my leftover food?

Love Food Hate Waste is a national campaign providing recipes, hints and tips and other great resources to help you cut down on food waste.

Any leftover food not suitable for eating can be home composted using a variety of methods, including composting and food digesters.

What do I do with old E-cigarette batteries?

E-cigarette batteries cannot be recycled or included in your refuse waste. Please contact Leicestershire County Council for more information on how to dispose of them.

What if something I want recycling isn't on this list?

Visit our what can and cannot be recycled webpage or head to Leicestershire County Council's How to Dispose of A to Z section to conduct your search.

Telephone customer satisfaction survey

Our waste partner Serco conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys about the waste and recycling service it provides to the Council. The surveys are usually carried out by a company called Future Thinking. The number for Future Thinking is 01494 688485. If you have the time, please take part in the survey.

Last updated: Tue 8th November, 2022 @ 09:11