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Recycling and refuse forms

We have a number of recycling and refuse services and options available to customers.

This webpage is where you can find all of the relevant forms to purchase, sign-up for, cancel and renew all the services related to recycling and refuse.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, head to the recycling and waste webpage or check out our recycling and refuse FAQs.

Check your bin collection day (recycling, garden and general waste)

Check my bin collection day

Report a missed bin collection

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Report a refuse or recycling issue

You can use this form to report an issue with the recycling and refuse service, including:

  • bin put back in wrong place
  • request for recycling sacks (inc battery bags)
  • wheelie bin not delivered
  • Recycling bank needs emptying
  • damaged waste container
  • other

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Apply online for a bulky household waste collection

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Apply for an assisted collection

Apply for an assisted collection

Apply for the garden waste service

Use this form to start a new subscription or apply for an extra bin.

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Renew your garden waste subscription

Use this form to renew an existing garden waste service subscription.

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Tell us if you are moving home

Use this form to tell us if your address has changed, we can then update your information on our system.

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Cancel your garden waste subscription

Use this form to cancel your garden waste subscription. Please note that when you cancel your subscription your bin will be collected (taken away) within 7 working days.

Please place the bin where you would normally leave it on collection day as soon as possible.

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