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Dog waste and dead animals

Dog fouling and dead animals are a matter of great concern. Apart from being extremely unpleasant, it creates a health risk.

Below is some important information on who to contact if you would like to report dog fouling or a dead animal on the street.

Dog fouling

Dog waste is dealt with through the normal process of street cleaning but due to the high level of public concern, and the risk it poses to health, there are staff who can respond quickly to serious incidents, such as near schools.

To report incidents of this type, please use the online reporting form for the Environmental Services or call 01509 634564.

A number of dog waste bins have been installed on the streets of Charnwood, but in addition to this, dog waste can be wrapped in a plastic bag and deposited in any ordinary litter bin.

Dead animals

Dead animals found on the pavement will be removed by our street cleaning team and taken for hazardous waste disposal. A scanning machine is in use to help to identify deceased pets, which can help should the owners wish to have them returned.

If you see a dead animal on the public walkway, please report it by the contacting Environmental Services. Please be aware that we cannot dispose of animals found on the road or on private land (such as your garden), due to health and safety precautions.

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