Ward's End in Loughborough which has been improved through the Bedford Square Gateway Project

Charnwood Borough Council has completed a significant regeneration project for Bedford Square, Ward’s End and Devonshire Square in Loughborough.

The Bedford Square Gateway Project was the subject of discussions and consultations for several years before work got underway in early 2021.

The scheme has now been completed and has seen

  • footpaths widened to make it better for pedestrians
  • high-quality paving used across the area
  • created a public open space in Devonshire Square which can be used for events
  • parking retained
  • new pedestrian crossings and raised tables added to improve pedestrian safety
  • new character street light added
  • decorative paving stones added which celebrate the town's heritage
  • and new street furniture and planting added to the area

The project was funded by the Council, Loughborough Town Deal and also from a grant from the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership.

Last updated: Tue 30th August, 2022 @ 19:47